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Hypnotize Yourself

Hypnotize Yourself

The plan

The last 15 minutes of the day

Highway hypnosis is an example of how you’ve already been hypnotized. Your subconscious mind simply took over the tasks of driving. The next step is to use your subconscious to accomplish tasks that you decide. You want to program yourself.

For example, let’s say you have a job interview the next day. Normally you might go to bed anxious. This is a very normal reaction. As a result, your a likely to anxious in the interview. Your palms may sweat. You may assume a closed posture. You may stutter when you speak. These are the physical manifestations of an anxious subconscious.

To change this you want to use the last 15 minutes of your day. At night before bed you enter into a natural receptive state for suggestion. This is the time you can replace random or negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

You will want to visualize yourself walking into the interview confident and with your head held high. You’ll want to imagine a strong confident handshake greeting. You’ll want to imagine a relaxed, open posture. You’ll want to imagine speaking clearly and distinctly and giving the perfect answers to any questions.

The subsconscious cannot tell the difference between a visualization and reality. Use your imagination to construct images in your mind of how you would want the interview to go.

Your subconscious will also act in accordance with it’s expectations. You are purposefully setting your expectations on a positive experience and outcome. Your subconscious will then work toward that goal. Instead of expecting to be anxious, you will be expecting to have a good interview.

Dan Candell talks about using the last few minutes of each night to hypnotize yourself in the following video. He talks about seeting the expectations for the following day in your mind.


The last 30 minutes of the day is also a good time to repeat some affirmations. The subconscious responds to repitition. The more you repeat a belief the more engrained it becomes.

For example, the following are some messages that you may want tell yourself

  • I am good at my job
  • I am confident
  • I am smart
  • I like challenges because they help me grow

You will want to make list of the messages you want. That way you can repeat the same messages each night.

Your subconsious will be skeptical of anything that contradicts an already established belief. For example, perhaps you believe you are not smart. Maybe you’ve struggled with a particular subject and had a low test score. This has indirectly told you are not smart. Perhaps then your own inner dialogue dwelled on the idea and you’ve inadvertently reinforced it into a stringly held belief.

You will find it harder to overturn this belief. You may need a very specific message to overcome it. Find a positive belief you hold and build on that. Ask yourself what subjects are you good at or when have you been smart. Build on those positive beliefs while chipping away at the negative ones. Construct your affirmation list to be specific for you.

Draw your future

You’ve learned how to use your imagination to construct visualizations. These will be pictures in your head. The human brain relies heavily on vision.

Patti Dobrowolski says a¬†picture is a way of visualizing your goals. She encourages you to draw a physical picture of the goals you want to achieve. That’s right, get a piece of paper and pencil an draw. Just like writing helps you remember more than listening, drawing will help you remember more than just visualizing. Better yet, you will then have a drawing you a pick up and look at each night. That repitition will help plant it into your subconscious