Do you have negative self thoughts?

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Rules for Your Subconscious

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Change Your Inner Dialogue

Change Your Inner Dialogue

We have all had negative self thoughts.  These are the times you’ve said to yourself “I can
‘t do that” or “I’m not qualified”.  These thoughts are coming from your subconscious.  This is the part of brain you are not aware of. 

Your brain has three layers.  The outer layer or the neocortex is where your conscious mind lives.  It’s the rational brain you commonly think of.  Below that are more primitive layers.  There is the older limbic brain where your emotions from.  This is why it is sometimes hard to express how you feel, since emotion and rational thought are from two different systems. Finally, at the core you have the reptilian brain which is instinctual and handle routine functions like heartbeat and breathing. The subconscious mind is composed of the limbic and reptilian layers.

The subconscious is  key in terms of your self esteem. This is essentially the inner dialogue that directs your day.  let’s talk about some examples of the subconscious at work.

Subconscious at Work

Have you ever experienced this particular phenomenon while driving? You’ve been driving along and suddenly you realize you can’t remember the last couple of turns or red lights that you’ve actually passed. You think back and say, was that last red light I went through was that green or red? Or maybe you’ve been driving on the highway and suddenly realize you can’t recall the last few miles. What has happened is your conscious mind got distracted. That is why you can’t remember. Your subconscious mind took over the driving task. It may be a scary feeling, but don’t worry your subconscious is a very good driver due to the ten thousand hour rule.

The ten thousand hour rule is something that is used in athletic settings. The basic idea is that if you practice a task for ten thousand hours you will become an expert at it. For example if you want to be a NFL Football field goal kicker, practice for ten thousand hours. If you were to practice 3 hours a day it would take 9 years to reach ten thousand hours. The idea behind the rule is that it takes time and repetition to become an expert.

It is really the subconscious at work. That time and repetition will program your brain and autonomic nervous system. Your subconscious can now kick field goals without your conscious mind focusing on it. The same goes for driving. After years of driving, you programmed your subconscious to be able to drive. You simply do not need to think about it.

The term for driving without conscious awareness is “highway hypnosis”.

Remember when you learned to ride a bike? You probably started with training wheels and had difficulty balancing. But with practice the task became easier and easier. Finally it reach the point where you no longer need to concentrate on it. You programmed your subconscious to ride a bike. And it was likely in significantly less than ten thousand hours.

Can you walk down the street while completely engaged in conversation with the person next to you, or on your cell phone? Your subconscious is handling the walking.

Driving, riding an bike and walking are just three examples that you have already programmed your subconsious. Imagine what else you could program your subconsious mind to do.

Have you ever delayed a big decision until you have had chance to sleep on it? Perhaps you even felt exhausted thinking about it and thought you would get a fresh perspective in the morning.

Have you ever solved a problem in the shower? Maybe there’s been a problem at work you’ve been unable to solve. In the morning you get up, shower and start thinking about your day and realize there’s something you hadn’t thought of the day before.

These examples are times when you’ve given your subconscious time to work on something. The subconscious is actually at work during the night. The following are few examples of what it does.

  • consolidating and categorizing memories
  • synthesize proteins and hormones
  • immune system functions

Put Your Subconscious to Work for You

You’ve probably not given too much thought to your subconscious.  But it has been paying attention your entire life.  It has formed a set of beliefs and these are your inner dialogue.  If it’s saying negative things or lowering your self esteem, then it’s time to change those beliefs.

How do you do that?

The plan

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